WHM Domain Forwarding doesn't work after Hive installation

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The WHM Domain Forwarding feature doesn't work after 1H Hive has been installed. What should I do?


The WHM Domain Forwarding feature uses a a custom cPanel binary script (compiled Perl code) called domainredirect.cgi. Usually when the script is executed the owner of the new process is nobody. As you probably know Hive imposes several different limits for all users. One of the limits is the number of active processes. The limits configuration file of Hive is /usr/local/apache/conf/rlimit-config. On many servers there is a line in this file which defines limits for all users and it usually looks like this:


The number 50 means that the maximum number of processes a user can spawn is limited to 50. As we have explained the domainredirect.cgi script is executed as user nobody. On many hosting servers the Apache web server also runs under user nobody. If the Apache server is busy the number of processes that are owned by nobody is over 50 and the execution of domainredirect.cgi is stopped by the Hive limits. In order to resolve the issue you can edit the rlimit-config file and add a separate line for the nobody user. You can raise the number of processes to 300:

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