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How to reset a limitation or unsuspend an account that has been limited/suspended by the Auto Actions tool before the limit period has expired?


Normally, limited/suspended account is automatically unsuspended at the begining of the next hour if it violated the hourly limits or after 24 hours if it violated the daily limits.

If you wish to manually unsuspend an account that has been stopped by the Auto Actions for hitting the set limitations, you can do so via the standard cPanel unsuspend account script:

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/unsuspendacct <username>

Note that this is applicable only for cPanel servers. On servers running other control panel, the respective unsuspend script should be used.

If you wish to remove the limitation manually you should edit the .htaccess file in the home folder for the user and remove the redirect following the instructions below:

cd /home/user
chattr -ai .htaccess
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