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With 1H Hive installed on your server it is possible that there are differences in the available Pear Modules from your previous setup. There are no problems to have additional Pear Modules installed in the 1H Hive baseos so they are available with the new setup. Instructions how to accomplish the installation are available below.

Installing Pear Modules in the BaseOS

To perform the installations you can follow these steps:

  1. chroot /var/suexec/baseos/
  2. /usr/local/php53/bin/pear install <list of modules to be installed>

What does those commands do:

  1. Chroot to the baseos so you can perform the installation inside it.
  2. As 1H Hive comes with several different PHP versions available for you, you should run the installation for the specific PHP version you want the modules installed for. In the example we are running it for PHP 5.3:

That is all.

Basically the command needed for the installation is:

/usr/local/phpXX/bin/pear install <list of modules to be installed>

Where phpXX is the corresponding PHP version.

Add Pear Modules in the BaseOS Physical Location on the Server

One more thing you should be aware of. The commands supplied above will install the Pear modules in the baseos inside the memory. In order to make sure those are present after server reboot for example they should be added in the physical location of the baseos on the server. For this purpose the following should be ran:

  1. chroot /root/baseos/
  2. mkdir -p /chroot/tmp
  3. /usr/local/php53/bin/pear install -f <list of modules to be installed>
  4. rm -rf /chroot/tmp

NB: In this example we have also used PHP 5.3

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