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mod_hive comes with 5 options to make its deployment easier and to give more flexibility to its users:

Note: These options are available only in the httpd.conf or its includes. They are not available for .htaccess files.


Maximum Load Limit

The Maximum Load Limit for the server is defined in the /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/1h.conf file.

For example:

<IfModule mod_hive.c>
  MaxLoadLimit 30.0

The purpose of this option is to prevent execution of dynamic content when the average server load is too high. This way you are preventing server overloads.

Important: You can change this value according to your needs. However, please note that it is of utmost importance to not set the value too low. Otherwise you are risking to render websites on the server inaccessible. This value is low enough and it is advisable to consider only increasing it in case a server is temporarily keeping too high load and not lowering below the default value at any circumstances.

Disable chroot

In some cases, there are virtual hosts that are used for administrative purposes. These vhosts have to have access to the whole filesystem on the server. In order to achieve this, we have added the DisableChroot option, which can be used per vhost or for the whole server, to disable the chrooting of the executed scripts.

Here is an example:

<IfModule mod_hive.c>

Important: We do not advise you to disable the chrooting of Hive for the whole server. This option was introduced only to address the need to disable the chroot for a specific virtual host.

Warning: If you disable the chroot, you will no longer use the PHPs provided by 1H BaseOS. You will be using the default PHP(s) on the machine.

Disable statistics

There are situations where you have an internal/management virtual host which is accessed by all of your customers on the machine. Since this is a management vhost you don't want it to be affected by the Auto actions functionality of Hive. In order to achieve this you can simply disable the collection of statistics for that vhost.

Here is an example:

<IfModule mod_hive.c>

You can also use this option for disabling the collection of statistics for the whole server, if you add the option to the global configuration section of your httpd.conf.

Important: This option disables all statistics (CPU, Memory and I/O).

Disable user limitations

There are situations where you may want to disable the limitations for a single vhost or for the whole server.

Mod_hive offers a way to disable them by adding one simple option(DisableLimits) to the virtual host or in the general configuration of the server.

Here is an example:

<IfModule mod_hive.c>

Disable the symlink protection

When found in the httpd.conf file, this option disables the buildin symlink protection. This option can be used per vhost or for the whole server.

Here is an example:

<IfModule mod_hive.c>

The symlink protection is actually a very simple check. If the file that is about to be accessed is a symbolic link, mod_hive checks if the destination file of this link is owned by the same user that owns the symbolic link. If they differ, it prevents the access to the file and returns Error 403: Forbidden.

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