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I don't have enough space in / partition where Hive should be installed. What should I do?


If you do not have enough space in the / partition where by default Hive is installed, you can install it in another one following the instructions below. Generally Hive is adding its files in /root/ and /chroot folders. We have given an example how to perform the installation moving those folders in the /home partition:

  1. mv /root /home/root
  2. chmod 700 /home/root
  3. ln -s /home/root /root
  4. mkdir -p /home/chroot
  5. ln -s /home/chroot /chroot
  6. Run the 1h installer

What this will do:

  1. Move the /root partition under /home. You should have enough free space there if your hosting account are located under /home
  2. Adjust the permissions for the /home/root directory
  3. Create a symbolic link /root to /home/root
  4. Create the /home/chroot directory
  5. Create a symbolic link /chroot to /home/chroot
  6. You can now run the 1H installer for example
./ hive
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