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How to uninstall 1H products from my server?


You can remove any product installed on your server via the 1H WHM plugin - Uninstall button right next to the product name. Note that this will only remove the respective product and all packages associated with it.

If you want to completely remove all 1H products, including additional packages and the local interface itself, you should follow the instructions below:

  1. rpm -e --nodeps crond
  2. yum remove 1h-repository
  3. yum install vixie-cron
  4. for i in `/usr/local/1h/bin/get_installed.sh | grep -v 'is not installed' | awk '{print $1}'`; do echo -n "$i "; done && echo
  5. yum remove <the list generated by the previous command>
  6. rm -rf /var/log/1h* /usr/local/1h/ /home/1h/ /var/cache/yum/1h/ /chroot
  7. userdel 1h
  8. Remove Include "/usr/local/apache/conf/includes/1h.conf" from Apache config and delete the file itself.

What this will do:

  1. Remove the modified crond we install without touching any dependencies
  2. Remove the 1h-repository so that we can install standard cron
  3. Install a default crond via yum
  4. Get list of all installed 1h packages
  5. Use yum to remove all installed 1h packages
  6. Remove 1h log file(s), 1h software files, 1h home dir, the 1h repository cache and the chroot folder(just in case so that it does not interfere with future installs/upgrades)
  7. Remove 1h user
  8. Remove the 1h webserver configuration file and the include from the global conf.

IMPORTANT: Note that if you want to remove Hive due to problems on your server after Hive installation, it is actually NOT necessary to completely uninstall the software. You can simply disable the mod_hive module in your Apache configuration or any of the Hive components as explained here.

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