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Why are only the top 25 users displayed in CPU Statistics for the server and not all users?


Hive is specifically designed to focus on the top users for the server. This way you can focus on resolving potential issues with the top users. Most commonly there are no more then a few (in extreme cases up to 10) users on a single server that are using a high amount of CPU resources. This is why we have decided that there is no need to overcomplicate the interface. Displaying information about all users on the server will just cause the interface to load slower as all additional records will have to be sorted.

You can still always check the statistics for every user on the server. To do so:

  1. Go to 1H local interface for the server.
  2. Go to CPU Stats
  3. Choose History -> Custom user

You can now specify the exact user for which you would like to check the statistics and the exact period of time you would like to observe. The only thing is that users outside of top 25 by server resource usage will not show in the top users graph.

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