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Server Groups Management

Server Groups are managed using the functionality available via the buttons in the lower right portion of the screen. Depending on the current selection buttons will be active only if it is possible to make the corresponding changes. We will explain all options in more details below.

Create a new Server Group

In all cases you need monitored servers with 1H Software to be added to an existing Server Group. This will allow servers to be managed via the centralized Admin Portal Software.

By default the Server Groups interface will be empty as shown on the screen-shot below. To create a new server group click the "Create new group" button in the lower right portion of the screen.

Create new group.jpg

In the pop-up box you can enter a group name and a group description in the corresponding boxes. You will also be able to use the check boxes to the right in order to define which services will be monitored by default for the newly-created server group.

Add group.jpg

When ready click the "Add Group" button. That's all. The new group is now created and you can manage it and add servers to it.

Enable/Disable a Server Group

Under the table view where the created server groups are listed you can see 2 group types: Enabled and Disabled. Those are displayed respectively in green or red color:


To enable or disable a specific server group or several groups at once - tick the check box next to each of the server groups in the table view. Here we will check simultaneously several groups and the selection will include both both enabled and disabled server groups:


You can now see that the "Enable selected" and "Disable selected" buttons at the bottom of the screen are active. You can now disable or enable or selected Server Groups.

Note that all servers under a disabled server group will not be shown in the centralized server monitoring tools for the 1H Admin Portal. You will not see them under the Guardian, Hive, Hawk or Digits interfaces for the Portal. They will still remain accessible via the local server interfaces of course.

Export/Import Server Groups using a CSV file

You can have each and every server group exported to a CSV file. This will export the information for the server group along with all servers added to it, the specific setup (what services should be monitored) and information whether the group is enabled or disabled.

To do so just tick the check box for the desired server group(s) in the table view and click the "Export selected as CSV" button. This will generate a CSV file with information about all selected groups and it will prompt a download box for the .csv file:


Note that you can use this CSV file to restore the selected groups to their current state at a later point. In order to import a CSV file with information about server groups you should use the "Create new group" functionality and import the CSV via it.

Delete an existing Server Group

Server Group removal is an easy task. Still, you have to be sure you will not use this group at any point in the future prior to removing it.

In order to remove a group - tick the check box next to the server group in the table view and then click the "Delete Selected" button.

Note that generally it is safer to simply disable the group to avoid losing the information in it in case you need it in the future. It is also a good practice to export the group data to a CSV file as explained above, prior to deleting a server group. That way you can restore it in the future should you need to do so.

Adjust monitoring settings for Server Groups

To adjust the monitoring settings click the "Settings" link in the table view for the Server Groups. A pop-up window will load that will allow you to select the desired services which should be monitored for servers in this Server Group.


Once you have selected the desired services, click the "Update group monitoring" button.

Servers Management

Specific servers management is quite similar to the Server Groups management.

In order to access the Servers Management interface, double click on an existing Server Group from the table view. A new page will load that will show all servers currently added under this Server Group.

Add servers to an existing Server Group

To add a new server you can use the "Add server" button in the lower right part of the page.


You will be asked for a server name and a server IP address. Here you can also define specific monitoring options for the newly-added server.


Again, it is possible to use a CSV in order to import a previously exported list and thus add one or more servers at once with all previously saved options.

Enable/Disable specific servers in a Server Group

Under the table view where the servers in the group are listed you can see 2 server types: Enabled and Disabled. Those are displayed respectively in green or red color:


To enable or disable a specific server or several servers at once - tick the check box next to each of them in the table view. Then you can use the "Enable selected" and/or "Disable selected" buttons at the bottom right to make the desired change.


Note that all disabled servers will not be shown in the server monitoring tools. You will not see them in Guardian, Hive, Hawk or Digits.

Export server(s) from a server group to a CSV file and import a previously generated CSV

Similarly to the functionality available for server groups, you can use the "Export selected as CSV" option to generate a CSV file for the selected servers. Again the file will be automatically generated for you in .csv format and a download prompt will allow you to save it locally to your computer.

If you would like to add servers using a CSV file, you can do so by clicking the "Add server" button.

Delete a server from a Server Group

To delete one or more servers from a Server Group - tick the check box next to each of them and then click "Delete selected".

Note that it is enough to simply disable a specific server if you don't want to monitor it. This will save you the trouble of adding it again in the future if you need it.

Adjust monitoring settings for a specific server in a Server Group

You can adjust the Settings for each server by clicking the Settings link. What you can do here is:


To change the monitored services simple check the desired boxes. You can change the Server Group under which the server is listed from the drop-down menu. Once ready click the "Update server monitoring" button.


In order to populate all data 1H Hive and 1H Guardian collect from your servers in to 1H Portal, first you have to add the servers in Server Groups.

This article of 1H Portal will provide you with the following functionality:

Server Groups Management:

Specific Servers Management:

The general Server Groups interface will show you the existing Server Groups for the Admin Portal. Groups will be marked in Green or Red respectively if they are enabled or disabled. All existing groups will be listed in a table view with the following information:

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