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The SSH Manager plugin is available under the 1H section for cPanel. It allows end-users to easily import existing public SSH keys, generate new public/private key pairs, as well as delete old keys to ensure even more secure connections over SSH. Also you can use it to restrict SSH access via keys to specific IP addresses or networks.

Ssh plugin 01.png


The plugin is automatically installed with 1H HIVE installation.

NB: If you had Hive installed prior to this plugin being released (before June 2011) you will not have it installed for your machine. The alternatives are to download the latest 1h installer script from:

Then run the hive installation again. This will install the missing plugins only. Here are all commands you can run in order to accomplish the installation:

chmod +x
./ hive

Alternatively you can manually install this plugin only following the instructions below.

Manual installation

Existing 1H clients who already use 1H HIVE should install the plugin manually as it is not automatically added upon 1H software updates. To install the plugin manually run the following command:

yum install --disableexcludes=main ssh-plugin-for-cpanel


SSH Public/Private key pair Generation

Generating SSH key for access to a hosting account has never been easier. All you need to do is login to cPanel -> SSH Manager. Fill in the information and click generate:

Ssh plugin 02.png

This will generate the public and private SSH key pair and make all the necessary adjustments for the SSH configuration for this account in order to start using them. You can download the private key from the link under the Manage Current Keys section, import it in your SSH client and start using the newly generated public/private key pair for the SSH authentication.

Ssh plugin 03.png

Use Existing SSH key pair

If you already have a Public/Private SSH key pair you want to use, there is no problem to do so. All you need to do is upload the public key using the Upload SSH key section in the plugin:

Ssh plugin 04.png

Once ready, you will be able to login using your Private SSH key.

Manage Existing SSH keys

The Manage current keys section allows you you to manage existing SSH keys for the cPanel account. You can:

This provides you with all the needed functionality for the SSH key management you need.

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