Missing Binaries after 1H Hive installation

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After 1H Hive installation some of the binaries I was using are missing. What should I do?


1H Hive includes all standard binaries generally in use on web hosting servers. However, after Hive installation on servers with more customized setup it is possible that some of the binaries in use may not be available. All you need to do in order to resolve this issue is to copy over the missing binaries and the needed libraries for them in the baseos for the server. Note that you should copy those both in the memory and the physical location of the baseos files so the changes are preserved after a potential server reboot.

Simply put the missing binaries and the needed libraries for them should be present in the corresponding location under /var/suexec/baseos and /root/baseos for your server. For example if you need the expr and logger binaries you need to do the following:

cp -a /usr/bin/expr /usr/bin/logger /var/suexec/baseos/usr/bin/
cp -a /usr/bin/expr /usr/bin/logger /root/baseos/usr/bin/

After that you need to clean the mounts for all users on the server. To do this use the following command:

/etc/init.d/suexec-chroot clean
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