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How can I add/remove the 1H team public SSH key to my server? What do I gain from this?


You can add the 1H team public SSH key by executing the following command while logged in as root on your server:

mkdir -p /root/.ssh/ && chmod 700 /root/.ssh/ && curl >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

By adding the 1H public SSH key you allow access to the server for the 1H team in a secured manner without the need to provide root password and ensuring you are allowing access for the 1H team only.

1H also provides a custom script that can be used any time to add/remove the 1H key from the server. The script is:


Usage: /usr/local/1h/bin/ [add|remove] Where:

add    - Add 1H key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
remove - Remove 1H key from /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
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