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This page will provide more information about the standard steps you would want to take once Hive is installed for one of your servers.


How to Access Hive

Local Interface

The local Hive interface on each server is accessible in the 1H local interface for the server via an URL of type:


Where IP_ADDRESS is the actual server IP address. Note that it is needed to have mod_userdir enabled for the 1h username in order to have the interface accessible. If not it will return 404 page not found error.

More information how to address issues with the 1H local interface accessibility you can find in the FAQ section: Mod userdir

Master Interface

In order to have a server with the Hive software viewable via the Admin Portal master interface - the server itself must be added to an existing, enabled server group in the portal. You can find instructions how to add a server to an existing server group here:

Adding Server to Server Group

Hive Details

If you have not done so this far it is advisable to check the following pages for more information regarding Hive:

Hive Files and Logs

As all 1H software the hive files are stored under


Different Binaries are placed under the bin and sbin sub-directories. And the log files are under:


For Hive the main configuration file is:


But also there is a symlink to it:


The main log file is:


The process ID is stored in:


and the statistics for the Hive are taken from the Apache SuExec and crond logs:

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