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The Hive configuration includes several limits that are included by default in it. Some of those can be modified via WHM -> Plugins -> 1H Software -> Hive Configuration. Others you should manually change on the server should you need to do so. It is also possible to apply specific limitations for a single user only. We will address each of the cases below.


Hive Default Limits

As mentioned above there are several limitations imposed by the Hive software. The default limits are listed below:

How to Change Default Hive Limits

It is possible to modify most of the options during the Hive Installation. If Hive is already installed limitations can be altered but via WHM or manually editing the configuration file.

Change Global Limits via WHM

The Hive configuration is accessible via WHM -> Plugins -> 1H Software -> Hive configuration

Limits can be easily modified as explained in the Hive Configuration article.

Change Limits Manually

If for some reason you need to manually modify the Hive limits you can do so directly modifying the Hive configuration file. The limits are defined in the following file:


You should also alter this file in case you need to modify limits for a single user only.

Change Limits per User

It is really easy to apply specific limitations per user. All you need to do is add a single line for the user in the Hive limits configuration file. The line should follow this syntax:



For example

# user231
# user435

The # indicates a comment line.

Change Global Limits Manually

Manually changing the default global limits is very similar to modifying the limits for a single user. The only difference here is that you need to specify 00 as username. The 00 stands for default and if such line is present in the Hive limit configuration file /usr/local/apache/conf/rlimit-config those limits will be applied to each user that does not have a record for custom limits in the file.

For example:

# replacing the default limits

How to change Maximum Load Limit

The Maximum Load Limit for the server is defined in the /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/1h.conf file. For example:

MaxLoadLimit 30.0

Important: You can change this value according to your needs. However, please note that it is of utmost importance to not set the value too low. Otherwise you are risking to render websites on the server inaccessible. This value is low enough and it is advisable to consider only increasing it in case a server is temporarily keeping too high load and not lowering below the default value at any circumstances.

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