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What is 1H Guardian?

1H Guardian is a pro-active monitoring system. Its main purpose is to act locally and keep the services running on the server up at all times and to manage automatically the processes so that there is no overload. Additionally it provides the opportunity to monitor from one location the uptime status of many servers. The software package consist of the following parts:

The 1H Guardian structure

Local server software: Guardian and LifeSigns

The Guardian daemon is the heart of the 1H Guardian. It scans locally the server and automatically reacts to events like unavailable services, increasing load level, etc. It is extremely fast and it checks the server status every 0.5 seconds. When an event requiring reaction is detected, it immediately reacts with a restart to bring the service up or with some process limitations to normalize the load. Additionally the Guardian daemon writes the server status in a status file after each check. This information is used by the rest of the software to visualize the server status.

You can check the Guardian Configuration for more information about the Monitored Services and the Server Load Levels it uses.

The main functionality of the LifeSigns daemon is to read the status file on the server, written by the Guardian daemon and to give the information to the central monitoring. We have separate daemon dedicated for this task so that it does not depend on other services, that may become unavailable during high usage and this distort the information stored to the monitoring database.

Central Monitoring Software: Gearman and Portal

This part of the software is aimed at gathering the information from multiple machines and presenting it in a user-friendly way. It consists of multiple software parts and we use Gearman to facilitate its scalability. In its current configuration the Central monitoring software allows you to use a single server to monitor nearly 3000 other servers, refreshing their status every 10 seconds. The Central Monitoring software includes the following parts:

Guardian Licensing

The whole software package is licensed per server.

A single server is defined by these variables:

If any of those change, you have to request a new license. Our software can check and request new licenses automatically.

You must only make sure that the licensed IP addresses have been added to your account.

You can find more about how our licensing works here.

Guardian Articles

Here you can find a list of relevant articles regarding the 1H Guardian Software.

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