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How can I have /proc enabled when using 1H Hive? It is required for some scripts I or my clients use.


By default we do not have /proc available in the chrooted environment provided by Hive as this might lead to certain security flaws for the server. However in certain cases the /proc is required by scripts used by 1H clients and this is why we have created a special package that can be used to enable proc for your server where you have Hive installed.

You can install the package by running the following command:

yum install 1h-baseos-proc

Once installed /proc will be automatically mounted and available for all your users.

The package also includes a script that can be used for manually managing whether proc is enabled for your server running 1H Hive:


Usage: /usr/local/1h/bin/baseproc.sh start|stop|restart|status


start - mounts proc and creates all other necessary mounts
stop - unmounts proc and clears the user mounts
restart - stops then starts it again
status - provides you with information about the current status
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