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With the latest versions of Hive there is no problem to use easyapache for your server configuration. Basically the only change Hive makes to the Apache configuration is to include mod_hive in the configuration. This also allows you to easily enable/disable Hive for your server.

All you need to do after running easyapache is to ensure that mod_hive is loaded in the web server configuration and that the 1h apache configuration file is also included. Basically you should ensure that the following 2 lines are present in the httpd.conf:

LoadModule hive_module /usr/local/apache/modules/mod_hive.so

Include "/usr/local/apache/conf/includes/1h.conf"

Additionally if you need to do any changes on your current Apache/PHP setup, you can easily do that via the 1H Simple Server Config. It is a tool that will allow you to switch between different Apache versions, add/remove Apache modules, add/remove supported PHP versions, change the default PHP, add/remove PHP variables and more.

NB: Please note that upon changing the Apache version or the Modules for Apache, you will install the 1H custom Apache for your server. This should not affect the functionality of the web server in anyway, still it is advisable to proceed with caution in such cases. Also upon installing the 1H custom Apache - the easyapache functionality of cPanel will be disabled in order to prevent from overwriting the custom settings you have set.


What changes can be made to Apache when Hive is used and how?

After installing 1H Hive you can easily manage your Apache/PHP setup via the 1H Simple Server Config. If there is an Apache module that is currently not available in the 1H Simple Server Config you can manually add it by loading the module in the Apache configuration file. To do so:

 For Example: 
 LodModule bandwidth_module   libexec/mod_bandwidth.so
For Example:
AddModule mod_bandwidth.c
/etc/init.d/httpd configtest
/etc/init.d/httpd graceful

That is all.

Modules Included by Default in 1H Simple Server Config

Here you can find a full list of the modules included by default in the Simple Server Config:

Apache Modules

In case the module you require is not included in the tool, we will add it for you. In such cases please contact us and tell us what is the module you would like to use. We will add it for the next 1H release and you will be able to use it as soon as the custom 1H Apache for your machine is upgraded.

How to change PHP versions?

One of the main advantages of Hive is that it allows you to use 6 most differenth PHP versions on one and the same server. You will no longer need EasyApache to switch your server from one version to other, as it will have them all inbuilt. You can easily decide which version to be default and which version to be used on a specific account or sub-directory. The default and installed versions on your server can be easily changed via the Simple Server Config.

How to add Perl modules to the various PHP versions?

All PHP versions provided by 1H are build with each module provided in EasyApache thus you should not miss any module also. Additionally the PHP versions provided by 1H include additional PECL modules (APC, memcache, memcached etc) and thus saves you the trouble of manually compiling those modules on your own.

In the near future we will provide even more PECL modules directly via RPM and thus make it possible to install them via yum without causing any service downtime and/or high load unlike in the cases when you use EasyApache to rebuild the whole configuration when only adding single module.

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