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This is the section where you can get detailed reports about service downtime for all monitored servers/server groups. The different server groups that are being monitored will be displayed in separate tabs under this interface.

Important: In order for a server to be included in the Downtime Statistics reports the server has to be added under an existing Server Group. You can find detailed instructions how to add a server to a server group here:

Server Groups Management

Under each tab you will find 2 separate boxes which will by default show Downtime Statistics for the current date. The statistics in these boxes are reset on daily basis at 00:20. We will explain how to check statistics for a period of time or a specific date in the History section below.

Display / Usage



In the left box you will see all servers that have had any kind of service outage. All servers in the chosen group that experienced any downtime recently are displayed here with the following details:

Sorting and Pagination

The left box uses pagination to list all servers where downtime was recorded. By default the servers are sorted in a descending order according to the total count of service outages. Statistics can be sorted in both ascending or descending order for every column by clicking on the column name.

Next to the pagination buttons you will see the Refresh button that can be used to display the current statistics at any time.

You can filter the displayed servers by server name using the search box in the bottom left corner of the box. To reset currently active filter click the X button next to the search text box.

Detailed Statistics

Double clicking on any of the rows in the box will open a new window with detailed information about all the outages for the server. In the new window you can see the service that was down, the actual system message, the total duration for each outage and the exact time frame (From – To) when the outage occurred.


Downtime Stats per Service

In the right box you will see all service outages separated into categories. This way you can monitor the total count of service outages of a given type. Again double clicking on any row will provide more detailed information. You will see all recorded outages of that type listed. The server, the duration and the time frame (From – To) are displayed in a newly opened window.

Note that only downtime larger than 20 seconds will be recorded. This value is set as there is no point to record minor issues that are automatically rectified by the 1H software. For example if the web server goes down it will be noticed in 5 seconds at most and generally will not take more than 5 seconds to be brought up again. Such a minor downtime wont even be noticed by users on the server.

Additional Options

Each Server Group tab will give you three additional options. Those can be accessed via the three buttons directly under the tab.

Active Downs

This button will show you all currently active downs for the chosen Server Group in a pop-up window. If any service on any of the servers in the corresponding group is down you will see them here.

Availability Reports

This is a more complex function that will show you detailed downtime statistics for the last 8 hours, day, week, month or year.

Downtime statistics for the following services are displayed:

Also you will find the following information:

Uptime (%) = ((8 - 1) / 8) * 100 = 87.5%

In the window opened to display statistics for the chosen period you can again double click on each row in order to receive detailed information about the services downtime for the specific server.

Additional information you can find in the Availability Reports Section.


This section gives you 2 possible options for reports generation:



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