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The Digits Web Interface is designed to provide you with detailed Bandwidth and Quota usage statistics. The master interface will provide summarized information for all servers added in the portal and the local web interface will provide you detailed data per client as well as many additional information about the server.

In order to have a server displayed in one of the main Admin Portal interfaces you need to have this server added in an existing Server Group. You can check the following article for detailed instructions how to manage Server Groups:

Server Groups Management

Digits - Admin Portal Web Interface

This section is divided into two tabs - Bandwidth and Quota. Each will provide you with summarized information for all servers added to the Portal.


Under this section you will see summarized statistics for the bandwidth usage for all servers added in the Admin Portal. You can have statistics generated in two ways via the buttons in the upper left.


Regardless if you have chosen a 13-day period or a specific date, you will see a table with more detailed information for the chosen date or time frame. The table will include the following data:


Note that clicking on any of the provided numbers will redirect you to the specific area on the Local Server Web Interface for Digits.


This section will show disk usage statistics for the servers added in the Admin Portal.


You can open the settings via the Gear button in the upper right. There are several options that can be adjusted as shown on the screen shot below:


Depending on the specified values only servers with Quota in the provided range will be displayed.

For all of the following sections that include charts - you can use this option to determine how many are displayed per page.

Disk Usage

The Disk Usage section under Quota will provide you with information for the exact quota usage on all servers. The table is divided into three columns:


The table can be sorted by each column in ascending of descending order by clicking on the column name.

Weekly Disk Usage

Under this section you can see charts for the weekly disk usage on each server. Each chart will be generated for 7 days and will reflect changes in the overall disk quota usage.


The graphs will show information for the disk usage in GB and in percentages.

Graphs can be sorted by the two statistics displayed in them. To use the sorting functionality you can click the "Sort By" button and choose the desired sorting criteria.

You can use the pagination buttons in the lower left to navigate through all pages and also enter a specific page in the text box.

Next to the pagination buttons you will see the Refresh button that can be used to display the current statistics at any time.

You can filter the displayed servers by server name using the search box in the bottom left corner of the box. To reset currently active filter click the X button next to the search text box.

The Show All button will clear all applied filters and reload the display to page one.

Note also that all server names are links to the Local Digits interface for the corresponding server.

Recent User Usage

The Recent User Usage section will provide you with information about the top 20 users per server. The data will be displayed in charts and the top users are determined by total disk quota in GB.

Sorting, pagination and filtering apply to this section in the same way as for the Weekly Disk Usage. Also if you click on the server name above the chart you will be redirected to the local Digits interface for the server where you can find more detailed information.

Top 50 Users

This is a particularly useful functionality that will allow you to find users across all servers that currently have the highest disk usage.

Under this section you will see two charts and one table.

The first chart will display graphs for the total disk usage in GB for customers on all servers and their usernames.


Note that here you will find only user accounts that are in the top 50 for disk quota usage. This chart does not include root users.

The second chart will list only root users. Those are root accounts on servers that have high disk quota usage and appear in the top 50 users for all servers.

At the bottom you will see a table displaying information about all 50 users that have the highest quota usage. The table is divided into 3 columns providing more information:


Clicking on the server name will bring you to the local Digits interface for the server.

Digits - Local Server Web Interface

The Local Digits Web Interface for the server is designed to provide much more detailed information about the bandwidth and quota usage on the server. The interface is divided into six general sections.


The Quotastats is designed to show detailed information about disk quota usage for the server. It is divided into 4 subsections.

User stats

The user statistics will provide you with a graph and a table view for the top 20 users on the server.


The graph view will show total usage in GB per username.

The table view is divided into 3 columns:

If you click on a username in the table you will get a new page with detailed information about the quota usage for this user for the last 7 days. The new page will again show a chart for the usage in GB and a table where you can find the following information:

This is very helpful when you want to monitor changes in the total quota usage for the user.

Daily server stats

The daily server stats will provide you with more information about the daily quota usage on the server in GB. The page will display a chart for the last 24 hours so you can easily observe drastic changes in the quota usage. Available below the chart is a table that includes:

Weekly server stats

This section will show very similar information to the one displayed under Daily Server Stats. The only difference is that the graph is generated for the last whole week and the corresponding information is reflected in the table view as well.

Custom user

This functionality allows you to generate statistics for a specific user and for a specific time frame. There is no difference from the specific user statistics accessible via the User Stats section besides the fact that you can define a specific period for which the statistics are generated.

User info

Under this section you will find useful statistics for the server.

First of all you can see the "Total number of used slots on the server" or in other words the total number of cPanel accounts that are created on the server.

Also a table view is available with the following columns:


Note that the "In /etc/passwd" and "Has home dir" are particularly useful for distinguishing between standard and system accounts.

Disc usage info

The disk usage info will display a table with the following details:

Where Mountpoint will show all mounts on the server that are monitored by the Digits software.

Daily User traffic

Under this section you can find more information about the bandwidth usage for specific users. The section includes a table view for all users on the server:

Server traffic

This section provides daily bandwidth data for the last month. In a table view you can find the following information:


Double clicking on a row for a specific date will load a pop-up window where you can find hourly data for the traffic this day.

Traffic graphs

The Traffic graphs will provide you with 2 charts displaying traffic statistics for packets and MB respectively.


Statistics are generated for the last 30 days and they are particularly useful if you need to detect serious discrepancies in the incoming/outgoing packets count and abnormally high traffic in MB for a specific date.

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