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What is Availability Reports

The Availability Reports section under the Downtime Stats interface for Guardian is used to provide you with summarized information about service outages. This section includes reports for all servers you have added in the Admin Portal Server Groups. Reports for the specific Server Groups are available under the corresponding Server Group tab.


There are 5 types of reports you can generate:


Each option will provide you with a complete report about service outages for the selected period


The Services included in the Availability Reports are:


How to Check Availability Reports

In order to check the Availability Reports for a certain Server Group open the 1H Admin Portal then go to Guardian -> Downtime Stats. You will see a page where all Server Groups are separated in tabs. Under each tab you will see an Availability Reports button.

Clicking the Availability Reports button will display a drop-down menu where you can choose the desired period for the report generation.

Upon choosing a period you will be provided with a table view for the recorded downtime for each server under the current group. Each row will represent one server and provide you with information about the recorded downtime for all services as described in the Services section.


Note also that you have 3 extra columns:

Uptime (%) = ((8 - 1) / 8) * 100 = 87.5%

Additionally, if you double click on a row in the table view you will receive detailed information about the services downtime for the specific server. The newly loaded window will provide you with detailed information about each recorded downtime. You will be able to check:

How to Export Availability Reports

You can also easily export Availability Reports in a file. Currently you can export them to:

In order to export the report - go to Availability Reports and choose the desired period. In the table view you will see the button Export in the lower right. Clicking Export will display a new pop-up box that will allow you to choose which columns from the table you would like to include in the report. Also you can choose the desired file format.


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