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What values should I set for user limits in the Automated Actions interface for Hive?


The values you set for the Automated actions stats really depend on what currently your users consume on one hand, and how much you are willing to limit this usage on the other. In other words, it is a matter of your own policy on fair usage, most companies regulate the fair usage policies in their terms of service. The point is that this Automated actions system was designed to allow you to setup those limits based on your current usage and requirements so that once this is done, the system itself will make it easier for you to limit usage by taking automatic actions. The values you set though are completely customizable with the mere goal to allow you set them the way it's most convenient for you.

To make the best choice on values we recommend to monitor the CPU usage on your server for a while and then decide which values form the fair usage and at what level you'd like to limit the users. You may want to play around with the values and change them a couple of times to see which best suits your requirements on usage.

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