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If you need to add flvtool2 to the chrooted environment for your accounts when using Hive it can be done easily following these steps:

  1. chroot /var/suexec/baseos
  2. mkdir -p /root
  3. gem install flvtool2
  4. rm -rf /root
  5. exit
  6. cp -a /var/suexec/baseos/usr/bin/flvtool2 /root/baseos/usr/bin

What will those steps do:

  1. chroot (change the root) to /var/suexec/baseos - the location of the OS provided by Hive
  2. create a temporary directory for the installation
  3. install flvtool2 (note that this install is in the BaseOS loaded in the memory)
  4. remove the temporary directory
  5. exit the chroot
  6. copy flvtool2 from the BaseOS loaded in the memory to the physical location of the files on the server
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